Reclaim the Lands of Your Forefathers!

Centuries ago, the demon lords gained foothold into the realms realms of Gallagova and unleashed chaos and destruction upon the lands. Only when faced with the threat of complete subjugation or extinction did the Allied races turn aside their differences to make a last stand against the demonic hordes. Sadly, the alliance had formed too late to halt the onslaught, forcing the leaders to make a difficult decision; a mass exodus to another realm known as Shorensia. In the southern Barrier Mountains, powerful magics established the portal to Shorensia and then sealed it, preventing the demonic hordes from gaining passage.

On the islands of Shorensia, the exiles wrested control of the territories from a vampiric race after many years of brutal conflict. Now they have made the realm, typically referred to as “The Havens,” their home. While they continue to explore the dangerous oceans, fraught with magical storms and fierce beasts, to discover additional islands, carefully controlled use of portal magic allows forays to other realms for possible expansion. Some even talk of returning to the lands of their forefathers. Fear of the demon lords gaining access to the Havens holds a strong influence, however, on the rulers.

Lost Kingdoms Frontier

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