Lost Kingdoms Frontier

Barrow of the Forgotten King

While Krorun is called away on another assignment by his mercenary guild, the rest of the party joins Eramil for an errand to the village of Kingsholm. There they learn that a family of mourners ventured up into the graveyard two days past and didn’t return. Nor did the pair of sentinels sent to investigate. The party agrees to investigate the matter, joined by Berholm, a paladin of Heironeous. Exploring graveyard, the party discovers the mausoleum has been infiltrated by a group of tomb robbers.

The party’s pursuit of the tomb robbers led them deep below the mausoleum into a secret tomb complex of an ancient king. Through overcoming many dangers of the tomb and tomb robber minions, the party gained insight into the history behind the tomb’s inhabitants and legend of the forgotten king, culminating in facing the evil Betrayer of the forgotten king. After defeating the Betrayer, the party find the king’s tomb and the the tomb robbers. The party discovers that the tomb robbers have fulfilled their objective, but not all have escaped. Knowing that they were being pursued, Xeron, leader of the tomb robbers, forced his remaining minions down a passage into the Underdark in a desperate attempt to avoid capture. The party defeats Xeron and learn that he is under the employ of a mysterious group named the Vanguard of Sertrous. Berholm is bequeathed the ancient sword, Merthuvial, by the spirit of the ancient King Theron, who also entreats the party to pursue the tomb robbers that escaped for they have taken his bones and the weapons of his wife and champions.

Returning to the village, the party claims their reward and decides to separate from Berholm in order to complete personal errands and rejoin at the village in a weeks time. The party returns to the town of Shallowford briefly before journeying to the dwarven capital city of Moran-arakh. There they trade treasures found from the tombs and upgrade their gear.



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