Lost Kingdoms Frontier

Sins of Silverton, pt 1

A group of friends depart their home village seeking passage to the main island.


A group of childhood friends set out from their home village of Shadeslay on Blacksin Island. The party consists of three friends, each with their own motivations:
  • Cyril is a human ranger born and raised in Shadeslay. He simply desires to the the world beyond his backwater home island.
  • Rena is a human monk whose family sought sanctuary in the Shadeslay monastery when she was an infant. She has been given a task by her monastic order
  • Zaryn is a human sorcerer orphan that the monastery took in when he was an adolescent.

Rena has been given the name of a contact at the island’s port of Tavershan. After assembling their basic supplies and saying their goodbyes, the group walks to the relatively nearby mining town of Silverton. Arriving near dusk, the party stops in the Silver Cup Inn for the night. The proprietor, Blas Anains, welcomes the trio, knowing Cyril and Zaryn from their numerous prior visits. Rena stays in the common room for the night, successfully fending off some unwanted attention with the timely application of an elbow. Zaryn procures a small room that Cyril sneaks into to avoid paying.

The next morning, the party visits the town’s herbalist and midwife, Bronwyn. She is a family friend of Cyril’s and also knows Zaryn quite well. While catching up on news and gossip, an elf enters the shop carrying an injured caravan guard. She identifies herself as Chayna Dawnbreeze and reports that a settler caravan had just been raided by goblins. While many were killed, the rest were taken captive by the goblins. She managed to escape with the injured guard and saw the direction the goblins were taking their prisoners. The party quickly agrees to join Chayna in tracking the goblins to their lair and investigating a possible rescue.

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