Lost Kingdoms Frontier

Sins of Silverton, pt 2

The goblin raiders are tracked to an abandoned silver mine.

Previous Entry: Sins of Silverton, pt 1


Chayna led the group to where the caravan was attacked. From there, Cyril used his tracking skills to follow the goblin trail back to the open mouth of the abandoned Gannu family silver mine. Lighting a torch and readying their weapons, the party followed the trail into the winding mine tunnel, but roughly 100 yards in, the passage way is blocked by rubble from the tunnel having collapsed. Suspicious, Chayna searched the area and discovered a hidden latch that caused the “collapsed” section of the tunnel to rise revealing a room with four goblins that immediately attack. Recklessly charging into the battle, Chayna was nearly felled by a vicious strike of a goblin axe. The other party member quickly engaged the goblins and dispatched them. Zaryn administered a healing potion that revived the elven rogue, and after a short rest, the party presses on into the mine.

While searching through a nearby room that had been converted into a barracks, the party disturbed a pair of dire rats hidden underneath some soiled clothes. The party made short work of the dire rats, but not before Rena received a nasty bite. The next chamber investigated turns out to be some sort of dining area and kitchen. Nothing of interest was found, and while Cyril was curious enough to sample and confirm the foulness of the ale, no one was bold or foolish enough to taste the cauldron leftovers.

Not far from the dining area was another barracks with over half a dozen goblins. They fought viciously, giving no quarter, but proved no match for the party, although the encounter left Zaryn’s arcane energies depleted. Still the party pressed on into the mine, and along the winding passageway, Chayna discovered a secret vault. After disabling a portcullis trap, the party entered to discover three large crates marked with the emblem of the Elderbridge Mining Guild – stolen from the caravan. The party pressed on into the mine, deciding to deal with the crates later.

Not far from the secret vault was another dining and kitchen area. Two sacks in a corner showed signs of movement that stopped shortly after a few arrows from Cyril. Investigation revealed two, now deceased, dire rats. Continuing their explorations brought them to a tunnel section where Chayna noticed something peculiar. Closer examination resulted in the discovery of another hidden portal, but Chayna failed to notice the poison needle trap set in the opening mechanism. Fortunately for Cyril, his armor captured the needle without it penetrating when he opened the portal. The secret chamber contained a single locked chest that proved to be empty, but Rena found a stone slab in the floor that could be extracted to reveal a niche containing a silver longsword and a piece of parchment. Zaryn was able to confirm that the sword was enchanted, but no particular details. The group agreed that Cyril was the most sensible beneficiary of the sword. Securing the portal, the party made camp in the secret chamber for the night.



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