Lost Kingdoms Frontier

Special Delivery

Initial episode of The King's Relics campaign arc. The party members are assembled to escort a caravan with special cargo to the frontier town of Shallowford.


The party assembled in New Brundysion, capital city of the human province of Eurova in the Havens. Each of the members had been independently recruited by the League of the Lost Kingdoms, an organization promoting expansion into the frontier and reclamation of the Lost Kingdoms. Their assignment from Aldain Highstorm was to provide caravan escort to the frontier town of Shallowford, protecting a special cargo that turned out to be a pair of pegasus foals critical for establishing a new node in the transportation and messaging network. After a minor delay at the warehouse, the party set out with the caravan under the leadership of a dwarf named Gwaldir Glanthur.

The initial part of the expedition to the Barrier Passage proved largely uneventful, and the party met up with their frontier guide, Donen Shaladur, at the fortified town of Southold. While traveling through the Barrier Passage, the party came upon a group of giant centipedes that had just slain a mage. Dispatching the vermin, a search of the dead mage yielded a magic wand. The rest of the journey through the Barrier Passage to the stronghold of Northold proves uneventful. Sadly, the departure from Northold is delayed as Gwaldir must bail Zephar out of jail for “testing the security of locks” in town the previous night.

Heading out into the borderland foothills towards Shallowford and the frontier, Donen convinced the caravan to take an alternate route to avoid rumored goblin bandits that have begun harassing the main routes. Unfortunately this proved to be a ruse for ambushing the caravan and Donen revealed himself to be a member of People for the Ethical Treatment of Magical Entities (PETME), an organization determined to free all magical animals from service to allied races. The party thwarted the ambush, slaying Donen and most of his cohorts, but did not come out unscathed. The quick administration of curing by Sevela prevented Gwaldir from succumbing to his wounds.

After a night of much needed rest, the caravan made its way back to the original route. Scouting for the caravan, Zephar discovered concerns of goblin brigands were more than just rumors. A large tree had been felled, effectively blockading the main road to Shallowford, and goblins lurked in the trees in ambush. Reconnoitering deeper, the party discovered the main goblin camp where another caravan was imprisoned. Zephar was able to sneak up to the prisoners’ cage and learn of explosives within the caravan goods that could clear the barricade. Under the cover of darkness, the party slipped extra weapons to the imprisoned caravan guards before freeing them and initiating a raid on the goblin camp. While the guards lead the main assault, the party dealt with the goblin sorcerer leading the brigands and blasted the felled tree, allowing Gwaldir to drive the caravan through. Searching the camp and the sorcerer yielded a few items and an alchemists lab.

The caravan arrived into Shallowford without further incident, and the party earns not only their guard fee for safe delivery but also a reward from the town sheriff for dealing with goblin brigands.



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