Aldain Highstorm

Aldain is a representative of the League


Aldain is a middle-aged male half-elf. He stands 5’8” and weighs 125 lbs.

Aldain is always well kempt, impeccably dressed, and presents a refined and aristocratic air.

Aldain Highstorm grew up in New Brunsyion, and while he loves the city and its comforts, he was always fascinated by stories of the homelands. As an adult, he prospered as a shipping merchant, inheriting the company from his father. In his transactions he acquired many contacts with similar interests in returning to the homelands. The League of the Lost Kingdoms was initially formed to promote expeditions back through the Barrier Passage to the abandoned homelands. The group then successfully petitioned for trial settlements into what became known as the Frontier territories.

Aldain now focuses his energies on supporting the expansion into the Frontier territories. His goals are tightly aligned with those of the League.

Aldain Highstorm

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