Chayna Dawnbreeze

An elven rogue outlaw from Blacksin Isle


Chayna is an Elven female standing 5’1” and weighing 88 lbs. She has long brown hair with golden highlights and bright green eyes. Typically Chayna wears dark studded leather armor carries a rapier at her left hip.

While not particularly strong, Chayna has exceptional dexterity that she uses full advantage in combat, focusing on lighter weapons, such as the rapier, and acrobatic techniques to avoid danger. Chayna is also quite intelligent and very personable. She capitalizes on her charisma to finesse situations to her advantage. Her alignment is neutral good, although she has a strong mischievous streak.

Chayna’s favored class is wizard and is very interested in magic, but thus far has focused her training on being a rogue as a member of the outlaw band.


Chayna was born in Havens on the elven main island. Her father, Ilrion Dawnbreeze, is a mage associated with the academy, and he had expectations of her following in his footsteps. While she had the aptitude and interest, the idea of spending so much time sequestered in libraries poring over old tomes bored her. Like her mother, Chayna showed a natural talent with the rapier, and her parents encouraged her weapons training as part of a well-rounded education.

Chayna Dawnbreeze

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