Blacksin Fellowship

Campaign Story Arc: The Blacksin Fellowship

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Following the great exodus, the peoples of the Free Race Federation settled the various islands surrounding Barrier Passage, naming the island chain New Havens. While most of the population stayed on the larger central islands, the more adventurous and independent eventually sought to tame the smaller more remote islands. Blacksin Island was one of those remote islands.

The Village of Shadeslay

The characters grew up in the village of Shadeslay, a modest village associated with the monastery. Shadeslay attracts folks seeking refuge from persecution in other regions of The Havens. The village has a few notable features and individuals:
  • Monastery of the Tiger Lotus:
  • The Common House: This is both a tavern and meeting hall for the village elder’s
  • Brodee’s Trade Goods: Basic equipment and supplies.
    • Brodee Reghough (male human): Proprietor of trade good store and also agent for trade with island merchant guilds, buying goods from the villagers for bulk trade.

The Surrounding Area

The village lies at the edge of the Goblin Peaks and the Howling Woods. A few farms lie immediately outside the village pallisades. The Goblin Peaks are riddled with caves, hidden passes, and goblins, lots of goblins. With the assistance of the Crimson Star, the goblins have been beaten back and rarely make forays against the villages, but they still control the heart of the Goblin Peaks. Travelers are also advised to not stray far from the main paths through the Howling Woods.

The nearest town, Silverton, is about a day’s walk north through the foothills of the Goblin Peaks along a poorly maintained cart path. A half day walk southeast leads to the main road of the island. To the south lies Elderbridge and to the north lies the primary port of Tavershan.

Character Connections

The characters are childhood friends that grew up together in the village.
  • Cyril is a human ranger born and raised in Shadeslay. He simply desires to the the world beyond his backwater home island.
  • Rena is a human monk whose family sought sanctuary in the Shadeslay monastery when she was an infant. She has been given a task by her monastic order
  • Zaryn is a human sorcerer orphan that the monastery took in when he was an adolescent.

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Blacksin Fellowship

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